We specialize in game safaris, by road and air, and we have a range of services which include the following:
– Trained travel/tours consultants with over 20 years experience;
– Camping safaris for budget travellers and special student discounts;
– Cultural and nature programs;
– Mountain climbing, fishing and balloon safaris;
– Package tours to Uganda and Tanzania;
– Meet and assist at all major airports;
– Hotel, lodge and beach bookings;
– Travel desk;
– White water rafting in Kenya And Uganda;
– Incentive group tours;
– Car hire services and many more.…
The word ‘safari’ in Kiswahili language means ‘journey’. Embark with us in a journey of your life. We are going in each of the national parks and game reserves in East Africa. Our drivers and guides are subjected to rigorous continuous training process to ensure enhanced professionalism owning to the tourism industry’s dynamic quality.
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Landscape & Prehistoric Tours
These places are considered to be the craddle of humanity. The diggings of Leakey family unearthed relics that proves heavily this theory. Step on their steps with us and enjoy the beauty of the East African lands.
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Mountain Climbing
If you are after Mt. Kenya or Mt. Kilimanjaro climbing, we are your best friends. We can organize memorable trips to the summit of each of them. And even smaller, “insignificant” ones like Mt. Elgon, Mt. Meru, etc are covered by us.
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Day Trips
In between safaris or about to leave, let us fill up your day with small trips withibn and around Nairobi. It is not the safari thrills but worth a try.
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Forest Walks
Enjoy the primal forest and its amazing with us. We offer you a first hand experience.
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Hill trekking and nature walks can be also arranged with us. Experience the wildlife and local life in an unforgetable adventure.
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White Water Rafting
Have an adenaline rush by going in a white water rafting experience. Rapids and calm water mixed all together.
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